Email Groups: Evolved

Threadable is one simple email address for your team.
No reply-to-all, no noise, no hassle.


Keep in touch with every team member, regardless of their level of engagement.


Precisely control what shows up in your inbox. Save attention for what matters.

You already know how to use it
Threadable works right in your existing inbox, with no plugins to install or apps to download, whether you're on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Just a single email address that reaches the whole team.
Groups: Organize fluidly
Your team is creative. Let them approach new challenges independently. Anyone on the team can create a new group—for a project, a sub-team, a department, anything! Members-only, or shared with everyone.

Move a conversation from one group to another, even after it's started. Don't anticipate your team's needs. Instead, create a group after discussion gains momentum. It's a whole new way of working with email.
Email that respects your time
Threadable gives you unprecedented control over what's in your inbox. You can receive just the first message of each conversation, then follow the ones that look interesting. Or, get a summary of a whole group each day, and choose the threads you want delivered.

And if there's just one conversation you don't need, one-click mute gets it out of your way. Not just in one client, but in all of them.
Never miss a thing
Join a new effort, start a new job, and you're dropped into the middle of existing conversations.

Threadable keeps track of which messages you've received. If you show up late to the party, just sync the older messages right into your inbox. Or, read them in your browser using Threadable's responsive, fully-searchable web app.